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B.V. Nimag is the link between the Suzuki Motor Corporation and the Dutch Suzuki dealer organisation. For years, this Japanese brand has been among the most reliable worldwide. B.V. Nimag was established in 1935 and has been Suzuki’s Dutch headquarters since the 1970s. As the importer of Suzuki automobiles, B.V. Nimag is the link between the manufacturer and the Dutch Suzuki dealer organisation. Motorcycles, outboard motors, motocross bikes and quads of this quality Japanese brand are also imported and distributed.

For years, Suzuki has been one of the most reliable car brands. Suzuki motorcycles and outboard motors are also considered to be the most reliable in their class. B.V. Nimag also stands for reliability and quality in terms of sales, service and maintenance.

B.V. Nimag is a personal company. It is close and approachable, with quality always paramount. Loyalty and Suzuki ambassadorship are the logical results. Finally, the experiences and recommendations of other peer users are also determinant, certainly when choosing a car.

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The market for motorcycles and outboards is strongly seasonal: some 60% of the annual sales are made in four months. So speed, flexibility and precise action are hugely important.

About Suzuki Nederland

Suzuki Motorcycle & Marine products are distinguished by their rapid technical innovations and high quality. B.V. Nimag is also the importer for Nimarine rubber boats and Haswing electric outboards and provides distribution of the TomTom Rider for the Dutch motorcycle market.

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“Diversity in products from automotive and motorcycling to marine. But always with the same objective: turning customers into Suzuki fans!”

— Geordy Bloem, Managing Director of BV NIMAG