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Being able to drive to work on your own, visit family or a weekend away – these are the solutions that Auto op Maat makes possible for people with mobility limitations. For more than 45 years, Auto op Maat has specialised in the area of vehicle adaptations for people with functional or mobility limitations.

Step-by-step support

Naturally, driving an adapted car takes some getting used to. Furthermore, a regular driver’s licence doesn’t meet the requirements for driving an adapted car. That’s why Auto op Maat has experienced driving instructors who support customers every step of the way in earning their adapted driver’s licence.

Auto op Maat also offers driving lessons to clients without a driver’s licence. This way, everyone can (once again) be in traffic safely and responsibly.

(Nearly) anything is possible

Adaptations can be made to one’s own car, but adapted used cars are also possible, just as the private lease or rental of a so-called Sunflower Car. Each car is configured to the customer’s desires with the greatest care. Auto op Maat takes care of things, so that those with a functional or mobility limitation can also enjoy unlimited freedom.

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“At Welzorg Auto op Maat, you get the opportunity and the freedom to become an ever better version of yourself.”

— Anthony Louwhoff, professional electronics coach at Welzorg Auto op Maat