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Welzorg Woning op Maat helps customers with a functional or mobility limitation with all sorts of residential adaptations. The customer has been 100% paramount for more than 15 years. Welzorg Woning op Maat is the premier specialist in the area of residential adaptations that contribute directly to customers’ residential convenience. In many cases, a couple of simple adaptations are sufficient: consider anti-slip flooring, for example, or threshold aids. But there are also other possibilities such as the installation of a stair lift or renovation of bathrooms, toilets, kitchens or bedrooms. In short: everything that enables customers to live (longer) independently at home.

Personal total solution

Welzorg Woning op Maat provides total solutions that align with the customers’ needs and desires and current living and residential situations. Everything starts with a personal recommendation, and clients always have a single point of contact throughout the entire relationship. The residential adaptations are intended not only for the elderly, but also for people with a limitation or long-term illness. Rapid installation has top priority here: for example, a bathroom renovation can be completed within a few days.

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Living safely, comfortably and carefree

Sometimes, residential adaptations to the home are not possible. Especially in cases in which the customer requires intensive nursing, adaptations to the residence can be insufficient. In such cases, Woning op Maat can provide a complete care unit. Specialists install the care unit quickly and professionally in or next to the residence. Because there’s nothing better than your own familiar environment – certainly in difficult times. Living safely, comfortably and carefree in your own home: that’s what it’s all about at Welzorg Woning op Maat.


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