Louwman Care

Louwman Care

At Louwman Care, senior citizens and people with physical are our primary focus. The objective here is: increasing mobility and self-reliance in the broadest sense of the word. Whether this involves assistive devices, driving, living or working.

The Care division consists of the operating companies Welzorg Nederland, RSR Revalidatieservice, Welzorg Woning op Maat, Welzorg Auto op Maat, Welzorg Shop, Zealand Car and Seniorland.dk.

Louwman Care is concerned with:

  • mobility-assistance devices and cars for people with physical
  • disabilities adaptations to homes, public spaces and workplaces for people with physical disabilities
  • web shop for senior citizens (Denmark)

Louwman Care also has the goal of being a completely circular enterprise by 2030. This means that materials and parts for assistive aids are reused maximally to minimise environmental impact. Specially developed apps determine which components are eligible for this and which are to be written off. Components that can no longer be used are repurposed.

At Louwman Care, we also think that everyone should be able to work. So that everyone can earn a living, develop himself/herself and meet other people. That’s why people with labour-market challenges are given an opportunity for stable jobs at Louwman Care. And those people who can’t participate in the regular workforce due to behavioural problems, ADHD or autism are also given a chance. After all, the Louwman Group’s mission is: passion for personal mobility.

Space for innovations

Louwman Care is a company focused on the future, with a wide latitude for innovations that respond to customer needs. The importance of technology is ever-increasing and we like using this in innovative projects. For example, the smart mobility scooter was launched this year. This includes the installation of a so-called TiM-box that maintains a 24/7 connection with Welzorg systems that keep track of the mobility scooter’s performance. The box forwards information directly to our employees so that clients no longer encounter surprises while on the road. They can head out carefree. Any problems that arise are resolved quickly and remotely wherever possible; often, problems can be prevented.

Welzorg Nederland itself has 14 locations; RSR Revalidatieservice 5. Welzorg Woning op Maat has a single location while Welzorg Auto op Maat has four locations. Some 200 employees work in field service as technicians, paramedical advisors, delivery personnel, skilled specialists and auto mechanics.

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