Mobility Financial Customer Services

Mobility Financial Customer Services

Mobility Financial Customer Services is at the heart of the Louwman Group.

By cooperating with other divisions, expertise is deployed to maximum effect, giving rise to an optimal provision of services. With the ID&D division, for example, where we support capacity planning, customer services, campaign management and renewal activities. Within the Louwman Dealer Group, powerful collaboration is also evident – in optimising the customer journey concerning private lease, for example.

MFCS is concerned with:

  • financing dealers and other labels within the Louwman Group;
  • financing consumptive credit for private clients and financial lease for business clients at the Louwman Group;
  • operational lease, business and private lease for private clients;
  • insurance for individuals, car insurance policies;
  • customer contact and lead follow-up for Louwman Dealer Group;
  • supporting campaigns for automotive and;
  • chain profitability: calculating propositions for groupwide profitability.

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