Leasing company Alcredis continues strong growth with 27,500 contracts

Alcredis Finance – part of Louwman Group – reached the milestone of 16,000 private lease contracts this month. Partly due to this, the total lease portfolio has tripled in the last four years – to 27,500 contracts. This makes Alcredis one of the fastest growing leasing companies in the Netherlands; they wish to expand this position further. To do so, the leasing company recently launched the new “”Miles”” lease calculation system with success.

A few years ago, Alcredis was the first leasing company to introduce Private FlexLease, a unique possibility in the market allowing consumers to cancel their private lease contract at any month after just one year. With this, Alcredis is responding to demands from consumers who value additional flexibility, particularly in these times.

Developments continue today at Alcredis: the leasing company is always searching for the ideal mix of long-term certainty and short-term flexibility. This provides consumers freedom by default from the costs associated with their private leasing contract in the event of divorce, dissolution of partnerships, job redundancy or disability.

Digital, customer-focused development In order better to respond to customer needs, Alcredis develops better customer-focused tools such as online customer portals in which customers can submit and track their private lease requests and can view and change information. Furthermore, in cooperation with such important partners as Toyota, Lexus, Subaru, Suzuki and auto.nl, development continues on projects including online private lease calculators and insurance calculators.

Albert van Selst, General Manager of the Mobility Financial & Customer Services division: “”The far-reaching professionalisation of our system, including the successful launch of the Miles lease calculation system, enables us to serve customers even better. For example, Miles now makes it possible to lease both a car and a bike from Alcredis. And with Miles, we are better able to respond to broader customer needs with differentiated propositions. This fits seamlessly with Louwman Group’s vision of setting the pace in mobility””, according to Van Selst. “”Our ambition is to respond optimally to trends in the mobility market. And with bike leasing, we’re taking giant steps here!”””