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Louwman Group introduces zero emission Caetano buses on the Dutch market co-branded with Toyota

The Hague – Louwman Group is the first national distribution and service partner in Europe of the renowned Portuguese bus manufacturer CaetanoBus. The first tangible consequence of this collaboration is introducing the battery-electric city bus e.City Gold and hydrogen-electric city bus H2.City Gold to the Dutch market. With this, Louwman Group further strengthen itself as an innovation partner for new mobility services and technologies with zero emission.

The distribution and service of the battery and hydrogen-electric Caetano buses on the Dutch market co-branded with Toyota, is a logical step for Louwman Group, which sees ‘leading in mobility’ as its vision. This new activity is a logical consequence of the zero emission and hydrogen ambitions of Louwman Group, Toyota and Caetano and is the first step for Toyota to further roll out its Toyota fuel cell technology together with partners to other forms of mobility.

Provider of smart total solutions
Louwman Group takes care of both the sales and the after sales of the Caetano buses. But it doesn’t stop here. Louwman Group is a provider of smart total solutions for public transport thanks to the innovative mobility services of its various divisions and its affiliated partners. With this, Louwman Group is responding to the increasing need for flexibility in the public transport, offering integrated solutions for MaaS applications (Mobility as a Service), multimodal travel and shared mobility.

Toyota co-branding on zero-emission buses from Caetano
On July 9 2021, Toyota announced that the name of Toyota can now also be found on the emission-free buses of CaetanoBus. The well-known Toyota logo adorns the nose. This co-branding should further strengthen the market position of the Caetano buses on the European market, including the Netherlands. The battery electric e.City Gold can be equipped with a 420kW battery with a range up to 300 kilometers. The hydrogen-electric H2.City Gold is equipped with fuel cell technology from the Toyota Mirai, has a range of at least 400 kilometers and can be refueled in less than nine minutes. Class 2 regional buses and coaches from Caetano with Toyota fuel cell technology will also follow in due course.

About CaetanoBus
CaetanoBus, part of Toyota Caetano Portugal and Mitsui & Co, has been a bus and chassis manufacturer in Portugal since 1946. The company has a strong variety of vehicles for use in cities and airports. This is the result of the technological capacity to develop unique, customer-oriented mobility solutions. CaetanoBus is also the manufacturer of COBUS, the worldwide market leader in bus transport at airports. CaetanoBus has focused on electric mobility since 1980. Currently, 210 zero-emission vehicles have been sold in countries including Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Great Britain and Saudi Arabia.

For more information about CaetanoBus, please contact Frank Versteege, +316 – 51 58 94 91 of f.versteege@louwmangroup.nl